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Covid-19 impact. While most shipments are moving normally, rapidly changing state and local mandates have caused some carriers to reduce service areas. If your shipment supports critical medical, storm, outage, or restoration work, please call 877-914-7447.

Welcome to the Trelleborg Online Freight Route Guide, supported by Ardmore Power Logistics. Ardmore Power Logistics is a Third Party Logistics Company contracted to manage all Trelleborg freight.

This Route Guide can be used for intra Trelleborg shipments and all vendor material purchased with collect freight terms. Please fill in the open fields to the left and click the submit button for routing directions. Should you have any questions regarding routing, please view the video available from the "Training/Usage Video" button above for a demonstration or call Ardmore Power Logistics at 877-914-7447.

Trelleborg vendor shipments are initiated with a Trelleborg PO. Trelleborg employee shipments require a user identification and system password.

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